[Sunday] October the 29 [1815]
This is Sunday. -- Mr. Beamish came up to dinner. He brought me a note from Maria, an apology for not coming over. -- In the afternoon, Eliza, George, and James Coleman came up. -- John Allen and his cousin William came over. They all spent the evening here, except J. Allen. -- Mr. B. has not gone over this evening. -- Nor Eliza. -- Mama and Papa spent the evening at Mrs. Allen's.
[Monday] October the 30 [1815]
Mr. Beamish did not go home till after breakfast this morning. Papa went with him. -- We all sit down this morning to make our blue frocks--Eliza, Charlotte, and myself. -- Papa did not git home till night. He brought me a note from Harriet and set of Books. The title is Read and Give It a Name.
[Tuesday] October the 31 [1815]
This morning, I have not done much but sew. I read a little this afternoon. Betsy and Eliza has gone up to Mrs. W. Allen's to tea. And I have finished my frock this evening. -- Mrs. Brinley has come home from her long visit to the city. -- We have had a little snow today.