[Saturday] September the 9 [1815]
After my usual Saturday's work, I went out and made hay till night. Papa was in town this morning; he brought me a note from Harriet. She has not been very well. Captain Osburn has returned from New York. 

While we were all out making hay this afternoon, Uncle Coleman and Eliza came. They came out and worked with us till we finished--when it began to rain. We have been sitting by the kitchen fire warming ourselves--the weather is so cold.

[Sunday] September the 10 [1815]
We were sitting in the hay cart in the barn all the morning, Eliza and Charlotte and me. -- After dinner, George Coleman, and Edward and John Allen came over for the girls to go over there. E. and C. went to tea. Mr. Beamish came up in the afternoon. We went to the orchard to pick some currants. We then returned to the barn and sit in the hay till tea. After tea, Betsy and Mary Ann went over to join the party. -- I expect Eliza will return with them. -- I think we shall have a real Yankee bundle, for Mr. B. does not go home tonight. I now hear him and the two old people talking about old times. And I must now join them.
[Monday] September the 11 [1815]
Mr. Beamish did not go home till after breakfast this morning, as it was a rainy morning. -- Eliza and me sit down to sewing all the morning. In the afternoon, we took a walk round the road to Mrs. E. Allen's. Eliza and Charlotte got measured for a pair of boots. On our way we went to Mrs. Frost's but did not go in. When we got home, tea was ready. -- After tea we walked to our barn. We sit there and sung a song or two and danced a jig. The evening was very pleasant. We returned home and retired early, as it was twelve o'clock last night when we went to bed. -- Going to the well this mornjng_I fell down_and hurt myself very much.
[Tuesday] September the 12 [1815]
I was carding and spinning all the morning by myself. --And Eliza has had a large wash of two pair of stockings. In the afternoon Mama and the girls came up in the spinning room with me. Eliza and Charlotte sewed and Mama helped me spin. -- After our work was over, we went to the barn and had a swing and a romp in the hay. -- Mama was to go to town today, but the rain prevented her. -- There was to be some fireworks performed tonight; but the rain, I suppose, will put a stop to it.
[Wednesday] September the 13 [1815]
This morning was spent very busy in the spinning room, and part the afternoon. -- Eliza took a nap this afternoon. --Papa has been to town too this afternoon and Aunt sent for Eliza to come home. -- I went as far as Nan's Hill with her. -- We met Frederick and I bid her good-bye and walked home. -- Papa brought me a note from Harriet; she is well. -- She sent me the muslin I sent for. -- Eliza and me has been romping today in the spinning room. We found time for that although we were very busy. -- I shall feel quite lonesome now she is gone. -- But I live in hopes.